A Non Profit Store providing grants to the community at large  

  Cloud 9 of St. Stephen's
6518 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115


Mon, Wed, Thur 10-4
Tues 10-6
Saturday noon-4pm
Closed Fridays & Sundays


About Us

Cloud Nine opened its doors in a small Roosevelt area home in 1959. It soon outgrew its location and was relocated to its present location just north of 65th on Roosevelt, a location which was once a theater. Visitors can find Cloud Nine still listed on the marquee. Since that time the Cloud has purchased its building and has made many improvements to the store as well as providing St. Stephens Churchwomen with funds to make donations of over $1,000,000. since it opened its doors.

The Cloud is totally staffed by volunteers serving as receivers, sales associates, and check writers to name only a few.

The Cloud is able to provide a service to its community providing affordable merchandise, donations of unsold items to charities, as well as funds to the parish and to the community both domestically and internationally in the form of grants.


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